Friday, December 31, 2004

Monthly Milestone (6 - 12 Months Old)

6 Months Old

Qian Yi and her cousin brother - Jia Hong
JH said :'Qian Yi, be careful, don't fall down from chair'.

QY said :'I know how to take care of myself, go away.'

Qian Yi and Carene in Carene beautiful bedroom.
QY said :'How i wish this is my room!'

Qian Yi and Alicia played in Ah Ma's bedroom

7 Months Old
Qian Yi played with the 1st expensive toy (activity table) Daddy bought for her from Toy s Rus

Buffer lunch at Shangrila Hotel. QY said :'Mommy Mommy, why everyone is looking at me???'

Lunch at Sunway Hotel
QY : "Err.. Jia Hong, i want to eat."
JH : "Don't disturb me, i am busy talking to other people'"

8 Months Old
I look cool, isn't??!!

9 Months Old
Shopping with Ah Ma and Jia Hong at Tesco

10 Months Old

11 Months Old

12 Months Old
1st birthday bash at Shang Place, Shangrila Hotel with close family members.

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