Friday, September 15, 2006

2 Years Old Birthday

Ha… my little girl has turned to 2 yrs old on 15 Sept. Time really flies. Mummy feel like just gave birth to her few months ago, but now she is a 2 yrs old girl. It's so much fun seeing her growing up day by day, from a newborn baby to a girl whom today can talks, sings and dances well. Just told my close friend that my love towards QY is like 'semakin hari semakin banyak'. :)

Mummy bought her a birthday cake with her favourite cartoon character ~ Chicken Little. We had a gathering dinner at Foong Yuen restaurant at Jalan Tengah around 8pm, and then headed back home to celebrate with the cutting birthday cake ceremony to these little birthday girl. QY enjoys singing the birthday song, blowing the candles and cutting the birthday cake on the entire night.

Mummy wish you Happy Birthday and always be Mummy adorable girl. Love you always.