Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Weekend in December'06

On Sun morning, we went to Melody Kiddo music café again but this time, we are having 'dim sum' with Lee Hua ee ee, uncle, Celest and baby Celine who came back from KL. QY played with Celest but mommy observed something very odd, both of them did not 'talk' to each other. They just played and played and had fun. Probably they felt 'strange' as they have been almost 2 months never seen each other. Ha...

Baby Celine who just turned 1 year old.

QY's face behind the scene. She is too short to reach there....

Celest's face behind the scene. Cute!

QY and Celest hug each other lovingly. So sweet!

See, the 2 little girls wearing same shoe, because the 2 mommy are having same taste for cloth and shoe since the mommy were young. :)

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