Saturday, January 19, 2008


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My little darling started her earlier schooling days on Monday ~ 14 Jan 2008.

Due to the previous unpleasant schooling experiences while she was 20 months old, I decided to accompany her on her 1st day just to accompany her and understand her class study schedule.

Day 1
She was doing ok, mix around well and socialized with her little friends. Good and active participation while teacher was teaching in the class.

Day 2
Still quite ok. But when I fetched her at 12 noon, her teacher told me she cried for a short while in the class when I was not around. Poor girl.

Day 3
In the early morning on the way to her school, she told me she wants to change school. J Wonder why and where she got the idea of changing school.

Day 4
When I wake her up in the morning, she told me she doesn’t want to go to school. So I promise her that I will accompany her for a while. Later when I left the school after 10 min, she cried madly till teacher has to hold her body. When I fetched her at 12 noon, she looks very quite and didn’t smile. But when back to ah mah’s house, she assume her happy and cheeky face, running here and there….

Day 5
She still told me she doesn’t want to go to school but I just ignore her request. But she did not cry today. Good girl. At night, she played in her bedroom pretending herself to be a teacher, arranging the table and chair and call out her student name, Darren, this is your place ; Chun Yao, Aruka, and etc….” I just lay down aside and enjoy to look at her ‘drama show’…

This is her 1st early schooling experiences, very soon it will come her primary school day, secondary school day, college day and university life. Cycle of life of her just started....

On the 1st day, QY requested to take a picture with this ultraman.....


Bingo Online said...

ah nice little baby girl u have there

hope that she won't be in shock in the school like mine :D

Mommy said...

Hey, I think I spotted her on Monday. Was she with her daddy on Monday noon to the Island Glades kopitiam? If yes, then my hubby knows yours :o

Lee Lein said...

Hooi Ling,

Yaya.. that was her with her daddy the day u spotted them. Hhaha... i think they are schoolmate, same like us...