Saturday, May 16, 2009

Monthly update on the 2 girls

At this stage - 8 months old,

- her weight is at 9kg. Height is at 72cm. According to her paedratric, her current height is above average as 75cm is the average height for an one year old chinese baby. Wonder whether her height will be arond 165cm after her puberty time???
- she learn how to crawl but the way she crawl make us think of the soldiers during the war time. Her whole body crawling without lifting her backside.
- she is now as active as a worm nowadays. I felt so tired and muscle-ache after carrying her for more than 1/2 hour.
- she has 2 teeths at her lower gum and 4 more teeths are to be coming out from her upper gum.

My big eye girl.

On the other hand, back to update on jie jie - Qian Yi...

- she is getting easily jealous over her little sister. I guess she just want to seek attention from me who used to give her 101% attention before QT was born. I have to try to be very fair when dealing with 2 of them. It's really not an easy task to manage 2 kids at one time.
- At one night during the pre-sleeping chatting session with daddy, she told him that she wanted to become Qian Thung instead as mommy always scold Qian Yi nowadays. I overheard this conversation from another room, felt so sorry and guilty towards her. Blaming myself for not being able to handle the 2 kids well..
- She still loves to sing and dance very much. Planning to send her to dancing class or piano class soon.

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