Sunday, July 05, 2009

Qian Thung @ 10 mo

Some update on QT at 10 mths old,

- her weight is at 9.85 kg. Both of our hands were in pain terribly by carring her more than 30 min. I dare not imagine how heavy will she before she can walk by herself in 2 or 3 months time.

- I fetch her back everynite after work no matter how late or how tired I am. Just kind of enjoy her short stay at our own place before she doze off around 10.30pm. We drop her at my mum's place the next morning, and they will help to 'transfer' her to my in law place. Same thing we did for QY before we sent her for full day care 2 years ago.

- her appetite is very good. She wants to eat everything we eat. Every weekend, I make sure I cook the nutrition porriadge for her and QY.

- she is very playful and always laugh out loudly when we play with her.

In 2 months time, she will turn 1 yr old. We are now started to plan for her 1st birthday in Sept. She is definitely our precious child even though she is our 2nd girl / daughter.


jean said...

Qian Thung is so adorable! I like her big round eyes... so beautiful... When are your 2 babies' birthdays?? Are they also in Sept just like mine?? :-D

So exciting!

linka said...

Beautiful baby...great pic..

SEO London said...

Beautiful baby..I like her big round eyes... so beautiful. Thanks for this great picture. Keep blogging.