Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reciting bible verses 诗篇95章

Last Sunday, my girls participated in the church annual competition of the reciting bible verses.. Qian Yi was ok to go out and recite it out and loud using the micro but the small girl was too shy, she didn't even want to open her mouth ... However, back home I am surprised that she can memorised and recite it out...

诗 篇 95 章

95:1 来阿,我们要向耶和华歌唱,向拯救我们的磐石欢呼。
95:2 我们要来感谢他,用诗歌向他欢呼。
95:3 因耶和华为大神,为大王,超乎万神之上。
95:4 地的深处在他手中。山的高峰也属他。
95:5 海洋属他。是他造的。旱地也是他手造成的。

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