Monday, November 27, 2006

Grandpa 64th Birthday

26 Nov 06 ~ Sunday was a rather busy day for daddy, mommy and QY.
3 of us attended daddy's friend wedding luncheon at CRC restaurant. Mommy feel so happy and pleased because QY behaved well during the entire lunch. She was sitting at her own seat, eat and play by herself without having mommy and daddy to chase after u in the wedding hall. QY, good work, keep it up!!!

At night, we celebrated 'gong gong' 64th birthday dinner at restaurant Foong Wei. Though the food was very delicious, mommy has not really taste it as QY was misbehaved and restless during the dinner, by follow her cousin sister ~ Alicia to walk/run here and there. Mommy was so disappointed with these 2 naughty girl over the night. Later, all of us headed back home to cut the blueberry cheesecake that Mommy bought for gong gong.

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