Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Little Reader & Sticker Fun

Mommy bought this set of flash card with Aunt Hui Lim beginning of the year, but only started to flash to you few weeks ago in a consistent manner.To my great surpise, a 2 years old kids can read out the chinese character clear and loud on every card that mommy show and teach u. Mommy really feel a sense of 'job satisfaction' and proud as u can read and recognise it better than Daddy. U can be mandarin tutor to flash and teach Daddy one fine day.

Mommy notices that u have been spending long hour watching TV during the day, so mommy tried to think a way to switch your attention when u are back home at night. Mommy bought u some sticker activity book to keep u busy and occupied. At the same time, it can also cultivate a good reading habit to u. U really love this fun sticker activity book very much, refer and revise the book every night before go to bed and sleep side by side with it.

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