Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Tokyo Trip

Day 1
At last, we are in Tokyo after 6 hours on the plane. Hooray.. Japan has been in our 'place to visit' list since years ago, as such I decided to tag along DC business trip from the moment he told me of the trip plan, but without bring QY along.

Almost the whole day was in airport and plane. Touched down the Narita airport at 6.40pm, then we proceed to find the way to get the train to our hotel as soon as checked out from the custom. We easily find our way to catch the Narita express with the help from the local people. Japanese are so helpful and friendly.

Day 2
I met up Aya for lunch around 12. We had lunch at one of the organic food restaurant in the Nihombashi station. After lunch, she took me to wander around the Imperial Place.

Later, I spend the whole afternoon to explore in the big Tokyo city alone. Went to Ueno by JR and stopped by the Ueno zoo and park. But I did not buy ticket to the zoo as I am not an animal lover.

Day 3
Aya recommended and helped me to book the ticket to watch the kabuki performance, a Japanese traditional form of theater. The drama started from 11am till 4pm, 4 shows played with 30 min interval each. I rented the English earphone guides, tried to understand and enjoy this Kabuki performance. This is Japan's most celebrated traditional stage drama performed to the accompaniment of songs and music, I could not help but fall sleep when the third show just started. I felt not so guilty when I found out that the Japanese aunt who sat besides me still sleeping for more than 1/2 hrs.

Afterall, it was an excellent experience (although the ticket is not cheap, 5000 yen equivalent to RM150 for 3 grade seating) viewing these fantastic Kabuki performance in this ancient theater by my own on a sizzling afternoon.

My beautifully wrapped lunch box, bought from a stall opposite the theatre.

Day 4
Early morning, I went out with DC when he was on his way to work in Kawasaki. Today my own itinery is to shopping at Shibuya and Harajuku. Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy any stuff even though the sales is on, due to our ringgit currency is too weak. A pair of nice boot easily cost around RM500 and above; a no brand short also RM200 after 70% discount.

Food boutique at the basement of supermarket with vast variety of food and dessert.

Snapshot of Harajuku

Me in front of Pachinko ~ Japan's most popular form of recreation. Both Japanese youngster and aunt uncle enjoyed themself very much in this kind of game.

Day 5
Today we wake up early in the morning as we plan to visit Tsukiji fish market. A very friendly sushi restaurant owner from Hiroshima who is going to the market led us the way to the market.

We had a luxury breakfast next to the market. Fresh salmon, salmon roles and those seafood which i just forgotten their name. Our expensive sushi breakfast, around 5000 Yen (equivalent to RM150++)

Nice view along the road to market

In the afternoon, we visited the Kaminarimon Gate or known as "Thunder Gate" and Senso-ji Temple, the oldest and most popular Buddhist temple in Tokyo.

In the evening, we met Aya again for dinner at a very fine Italian restaurant at Toyosu. According to her, this restaurant is open by an Italy Formula one player but I just forgotten his name. The food from appetise, main course, deserve, cappucino and red wine are all so yummy and mouth watering....

Day 6
Today we joined 2D/1N local trip to Mt Fuji/Hakone, by motorcouch drive to Mt Fuji area via Chuo-express highway. It takes about 2 hours from Tokyo area. Stopped at Mt Fuji visitor center (you can see how Mt Fuji was created and about the history of Mt Fuji area) and proceed to drive up to 5th station (2,020m) of Mt Fuji.

Enjoy panoramic view of Mt Fuji.

After lunch at a local hotel, our itinery continue to cruise on Lake Ashi, and go to
Mt. Komagatake Aerial Cableway Ride an aerial cableway up and down Mt.Komagatake for a sweeping view of celebrated Hakone National Park.

Late in the evening, our tour dropped us at a hot spring resort hotel. For the 1st time in my life, I experiences the 'onsen' (hot spring bath), which is so relaxing and unforgetable.

Day 7

Day 8
Today our itinery is to Tokyo Disneyland. It is located in Chiba, right outside of Tokyo. We reached the main entrance around 8.30am, waited patiently for around 1 hour before the main door open. Ticket is sold at around 5500 Yen for an adult.

I started to miss QY deeply when we were in Disneyland park as I kept on imaging how happy or how excited she will be if she is here too seeing all the cutie cartoons character and the fun houses in the park.

Me in front of the Cinderella castle.

Photo session with Mickey at Mickey's studio

Day 9
We walked to the bus station when the sky is still very dark in 5.30am. As we did not make any reservation for the bus from our hotel to airport, we have to catch the 1st bus at 6am just in case. We reached the Narita airport around 7.30am, and our flight is on 10.30am, to arrive early is better than late.

My dream holiday came to the end when i reached Penang airport at 9pm. So happy to see QY again and she is also very happy to see her daddy and mommy too.

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