Friday, February 16, 2007

My Cheeky Girl

Mommy has been slacked since beginning of 2007, not posting and not updating QY's latest photo in this blog.

Now, QY is in her "Terrible 2" stage (a term used to describe how terrible a kid is when he/she is 2 years old). Some examples are like she use cry as a 'weapon' to get what she wants; fight with others over a same book, same toys or anything; scratch her own body, pull her own hair whenever people don't give what she wants and etc..... She is as terrible as 'evil' when she throw temper but on the other hand, she is such a lovely girl when her mood is right. Hope this is a 'normal' development for a 2.5 years kid and thing will be better she is getting older. No matter how, she is still my cheeky angel.

QY posted her funny face to us with her new dress and new sandal mommy bought for her for CNY.

They are like "twin" sis/bro. So cute!

Mommy felt really funny and can't help but to laugh everytime I saw this photo she prayed like the statue besides her.

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Kevin said...

She is very expressive just like my talia.