Thursday, May 31, 2007

All about Qian Yi in May'07

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QY loves to imitate mommy from every aspect, the way I talk (especially the way I talk to her) and do.... Whenever I wear my sun-glass, she will say : "Mommy, I cannot see your eye". She is very excited when I help her to put on the sunglass on her little face"

Having fun at the basement at Sunshine Square after grocery shopping with Ah Mah and kong kong on a Sunday afternoon.

Don't know why, QY has a fear to swing down the long slide though she has always wanted to try whenever she see one in the park. Lately, with the help from mommy, she cope her fear and oh yes, swing all the way down....

Reading the new story book mommy just bought from Popular bookshop. I just hope to cultivate a good reading habit for her while young.

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Tiffany said...

great to see more updates coming from your blog :)
btw, nice pic. Qian Yi looks good in sunglass, and I love the last pic;she looks so adorable!