Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Satuday schedule

Mommy got to spend 24 hours with QY last saturday, being a full time mother for a day.

As usual, QY attended the weekly phonic class on satuday morning, 11am-12 noon. I have been enrolled her since she was 18 months old. So far she has progressed rather well and most important is, she enjoys and having fun during the class very much.

After class, we drove her to a saloon for hair cut. This is the 3rd time she has her 'formal' haircut in saloon. I intend to keep her hair long but she is so reluctant to let us tied her hair. Mommy will try to keep her hair till shoulder length, but still need QY's cooperation when comes to hair tieding time.

Back to our house, after bath time, mommy put her on her favourite dress - Disney princess character bought for her from the market. Nowadays, QY is so fond of character like Barbie Doll and Princess.

In the evenning, she dress up and get ready to attend ah mah's birthday dinner

We celebrathed MIL 61st birthday at Tanjung country chinese restaurant. QY was so sweet, she even sang the birthday song solo for her ah mah... Ah mah was so happy that her grandchild has grown up from a newborn to a little girl that sang birthday song to wish her.

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