Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tag : FTWM or SAHM (Part II)

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Just received a tag from Hooi Ling on whether I wish to become a Full time working mother or Stay at Home mother if a choice is given. Actually I was being tagged by Tiffany on the same theme in July’07, I wrote it and I actually re-phrase it to whether I would like to become a Fixed hour working mother or Flexi hour working mother.

Even I had wrote it before, I am still more than happy to rewrite on the same tag as part II. choice still goes to become a Flexi hour working mother if I have a choice or whenever the timing is right....

As at now, I am still a full time working mother in Finance arena from Mon till Friday, 9 - 7pm. This is my day in day out Finance role in my current company. I would think that my decision to pursue and study in Accounting and Finance 12 years ago had led me to this role in this field today. I have no regret with the area of profession I’d chosen for myself back then. The only drawback is the fixed and long working hours that need to spend in the office.

During my spare time, I have embarked a new journey of career at my interest. It all happened really unplanned, and I have never thought I would be in this field. 3 years ago, out of sudden I came to know a friend of my dad whom is a successful unit trust consultant of his own agency. He thus recruited me as his downline and I remembered I was happily accepted his suggestion to start to study the related material, go for exam, attending related courses and etc. Along the way, I learned and shared to my family member and friends and help them to invest in their preferred funds based on their risk appetite. I felt extremely happy when seeing them making money and their saving/investment portfolio has turned out to be better than their expectation. Today I am still an active unit trust consultant and lately, has justed promoted to next level after hitting certain quota set. Indeed, I swear I never realized it can be another source of income for me the moment I made up my mind to take up this role 3 years back.

On the other hand, 2 years back, by fate I reunion with one of my 10 years long-lost school friend. At that time I was looking for some education plan for Qian Yi as I know the benefit to plan and save as early as possible. She recommended me the saving concept and the education plan from her insurance company. At the same time, she also encouraged me to take up the financial consultant in insurance line. After several considerations and considerations, I decided to take up these challenge as an insurance agent with FEAR. I have no confident at all. As expected, the very beginning of this road turned out to be as tough as I thought. I have got to ramp up myself with the basic insurance knowledge, study and digest most of the plans and products from my company to various insurance companies in the market out there. But the most difficult part is to prepare myself from my very inner side to be out there to talk to people to ‘sell’ something to them. At once, I was very down and almost give up this role when there were rejections after rejections.... the story continue and today I am still surviving. Special thanks to those who support me (u know who u are, thank you so much), and thanks to those who rejected me as every rejection is actually a new learning opportunity. I am happy with this role as it really open my eye to the insurance line that I once hated it so much. I never know that insurance/financial consultant can be as professional as a lawyer or even a doctor. Today, I've gained valuable knowledge from financial planning perspective, and I feel happy for myself that I learn how to plan for personal risk and management ; how to compute and plan for our retirement ; how to plan and fund our child education and so on so forth.

In short, I am happy to work on this 3 role at this moment and I am glad to say that my little darling is so ‘supportive’ of my work… She is very understable whenever I am away for work, training or even appointment. May my wish to become a flexi hour working mother come true one fine day.

Here’s how it works:

1. So easy peasy, if you were given a choice, would you be a SAHM or FTWM? Just provide 3 darn good reasons.
2. Include your post link to the list below and Finally,
3. Tag another three mommies

1. Immomsdaughter prefers to be a SAHM
2. Miche prefers to be a SAHM too.
3. SYH prefers to be a PTWM
4. Everydayhealy prefers to be a SAHM
5. Angeleyes prefers to be WAHM
6. Giddy Tiger prefers to be an SAHM
7. Jin Miin prefer to be a PTWM
8. WS prefer to be a FTWM
9. Angie prefer to be PTWM
10. Pei Sze prefer to be a FTWM at the moment and SAHM 41/2 years later
11. Irene prefers to be a FTWM at the moment and PTWM after she has her 2nd child
12. Hooi Ling prefers to be a FTWM
13. Lee Lein prefers to be a Flexi hours working mother

~~~End of Instructions~~~

I would like to tag Fannie.


Mommy said...

Oh, wow! I could hardly survive with the high demanding role that I hv in my company but you are a FTWM with 2 side "jobs"!!! Bravo!

fannie said...

Oh...Im tagged!!!

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