Thursday, November 01, 2007

Last weekend

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We brought Qian Yi to the Melody nursery Open day for the 2008 enrollment. I have been considering few nursery in my mind but haven't decided as there are just too many choices out there... QY has been longed to go to school especially she seen those kids at her age wearing school uniform and carrying a school bag every morning.

The environment of this new nursey is good - new, clean, windy and of course, looks fun with those colourful drawing on the wall. After enquiry, we decided to enroll her to this newly open branch of Melody at Sungai Ara. So my little darling will be 'schooling' on 19 Nov 2007.

We attended Jia Hong's nursery year end school concert at the Vistana Hotel. QY enjoys the performance of those 'ge ge and jie jie'... End of the session, she even wanted to go up to the stage to sing and dance with those student...

In the evening, we went to PISA stadium for the Magical Music show. But the show is ok only. She enjoys those junk food session with her friends the most.


fannie said...

wow...i see a superstar in the making!:) she looks so poised and natural.

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