Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tongue Injury

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My little darling has injured her tongue (muscle tear or deep cut middle in her tongue) while she was playing in KFC kids play corner last Saturday night.

Mommy was so blurred that I never checked her mouth thoroughly on the spot, just thought that it was a minor falling incident. When the bleeding is finally stopped, we went home directly.

Upon reaching our house, I was super shocked to see her deep cut wound in the middle of her mouth (around 2 cm open wound) when she was asking for a plaster from me to stick at her tongue. Without second thought, we rushed to the clinic nearby immediately and the doctor has urged us to send her to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Daddy remain calmed and drove us straight to Gleneagles hostpital. The staff in charged there called the surgeon back to hospital to check on her. The surgeon (Dr Oh) came within 15 min and after checking on her, the last and only cure to your deep cut wound is to stitch the wound in the middle of her tongue.

The whole operation was carried out the next morning as she needs to fasting for 8 hours and doctor has to put her on full body anaesthetic. I was so worried and guilty that she has to undergo this kind of suffering at this young age.
She woke up after the operation, cry non-stop as she can't find mommy in the operating theather. Finally the nurse pushed her out from the room, I quickly carried her from the bed and I think she felt safe and stopped crying.
For the following days, she still looks calm and didn't make noice or complaint of the sickness in her tongue. Mommy must praise her as she is really a brave and tough girl. At the same time, mommy wanted to say sorry to you as due to my neglience to keep a close eye on you while u were playing, u have injured badly.

Mommy and QY was stayed in hospital for 2 nights. During the stay, watching TV has occupied most of her time.

Her next door neighbour - Tan Zi Zian, 5 yrs old boy who suffered from high fever. QY always goes down from her bed and walked to his bed and played with him.


fannie said...

my heart dropped when i read that she needs to go under the knife :(

Good thing is she is fine now :) She is indeed a very brave girl! :)

Mommy said...

stitches on her tongue? so she is not able to eat or drink anything?
Oh dear, hope she is feeling better now

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Mummy said...

glad to hear that she is doing fine now.