Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday Outing

It was a beautiful Sunday and daddy planned a dim sum breakfast at Northam hotel. We reached the hotel around 9am, just to avoid the long wait and also to start the day earlier.

Paternal gong gong and ah mah, and Alicia.

Gong gong with 3 of his grandchildren. Qian Thung is too small to join the crowd.

Me and my 2 lovely angel. This is the 1st shooting for 3 of us. Love it.

We were then proceeded to Youth park after the breakfast as it was only 10.30am, too early to call it a day. We are actually a very lazy parent, we seldom bring QY out to park or playground during weekend. With 2 kids, I guess we must bring them out to park or beach more often.
QY enjoyed herself so much in the park.

We had a lazy, slow but wonderful Sunday morning in the park

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Adelene Chin @ Miss Chan Kan Cheong said...

Nice picture !! Let us plan for another trip to the beach least Leng can fully utilised the camera...