Friday, January 02, 2009

Same face or not (# 3)

When QY was at 4 months old, I started to dress her up just like I used to dress up my doll when I was young.

QY, photo taken at 4 months old in Jan'05. This is one of my favourite photo that has been enlarged in 8R size and had it displayed in both grandmother's house.

Another baby doll - QT, who has just turned 4 months old.

Now, I have 2 dolls. My big and small real baby dolls ...


jean said...

Hi Lee Lein, thanks for dropping by my blog. You have two beautiful daughters. They have such a big wide eyes..charming :)

Yes our children' bday are very near each other. My older is on 07-sep-04 and younger is just 1 day apart from your girl 03-sep-08 :)

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