Sunday, February 08, 2009

Qian Thung @ 5 mo

At 5 months old,

- her weight is at 7.9kg, increased 0.4kg within a month.
- she laugh out loudly when we play with her.
- drink 5 oz of milk in every 3 hourly
- she can sit unsupported for a while. But I still bought her the green bumboo seat, as shown in the photo above.
- she behave as a very good girl in ah mah house. Sleep well for few hours and no whine and no cranky. But back home on weekend, she behave differently... always cry for mommy carry and I can hardly have my own time for more than 1 hour.
- she love to smile... love her angelic smiling face..

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Anonymous said...

QT sitting on the potty?