Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baby Joshua birthday party

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Tiffany invited us to her son ~ Joshua 1st birthday party today. Mommy is as excited as QY to attend the birthday party as this is going to be QY 1st birthday invitation from non-family member.

We reached her house around 5.30pm. QY started to get herself used to the 'strange' environment by standing there and observe the people in the house. Few minutes later, she started to mingle around with the birthday boy, others kids as well as the birthday boy's Ah Mah and the Indonesia helper. I would think she is rather 'sociable' at her age. haha.....

She has great fun during the party over the foods (she even being offered a bowl of porriage from the birthday boy's ah mah) and the people around. On Sunday morning, she even told me this :" Mommy, tomorrow I want to go birthday party again, ok?"

Birthday boy ~ Joshua. But I think he is quite sleepy the moment I took this photo.

QY make friend with aunt Edwina's son ~ Ryan who is 5 years old.

Having fun with Ryan.

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