Friday, August 10, 2007

Something About Me

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Today is my last day of work at this company. I will be working in a new company from Monday onwards. In fact I shouldn't say new company, it's actually my previous company. Yes, I've decided to rejoin my previous company after several consideration and considerations.

Looking back those past 20 months with this company, I am really in my most comfort zone than ever from 9am - 6pm, Monday to Friday. It's kind of peaceful and easy yet 'boring' work life... I thought I never has deep feeling towards this company, the boss, colleague and the workplace... I thought I will never miss here after today... But but, I think I started to miss everything here. Haahaa... no wonder the saying said the grass is always greener at the other end.

Photo taken with my boss and peers in my team. See my colleague in dark red shirt, she is my 'introducer' to this blogging world ... Last year, she has once told me few times about blog of this baby and blog of that baby, ever since then we both addicted to blogging badly. Another short story between me and her, we should have knew each other when we were 13-18 yrs old but we didn't. We were from the same high school (but not from the same class) and same batch for the year but somehow we never know or even seen each other during that 6 years. Only get to know each other when we both start to join this company 20 months ago. Our colleague cum friend relationship growing rapidly as if we have known each other for 20 yrs... Probably this is called fate arrangement. I believe in People come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. Pei Sze, don't miss me too much ya.... haha... Anyway, I will definitely miss u for being my 'office neighbour' ~ those moments we sat side by side every 9am-6pm, our daily tea-break date without fail and everything....

The farewell pressie and card that they got me... I love it so much.

My 'Last snack' ~ my company used to distribute snack (sometimes cake, bread, biscuit and others) every morning. Though I don't really like to eat what they give, I will always remember and miss this.

My workplace.

Bye Bye. My work and life journey move on and continue from here ..... I shall sail to the new harbour bravely to start another new chapter in life. Wish me all the best!!!


Pei Sze said...

I was sick on the first day that you left. Fate ah...........

We can still have lunch and meet here.................

ah tin said...

my dearest friend,

although we are not in the same company, but we are in the so called "same roof" for 20 months, i really miss you ... lah. I still remember how excited I was when I know you were joining this company.

I don't see your name apeared in the MSN ... already used to chit chat with you for the past many many months, i really miss that lah, friend.

Anyway, I always support your decision, and wish you all the best to your "new" company :-)

Of course our "old time" friendship is not end here, we still have many ... many ... many ... years to go. Now I'm seeing your daughter call me ah tin, then I want to see your grand daughter call me ah tin too.

ah tin