Saturday, September 22, 2007

Brave and Calm

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We had a simple dinner outside tonight and headed back to our apartment straight away. Upon reaching the apartment, only we realised there is a lantern festival gathering by the poolside. Qian Yi was so excited and requested that she wants to join the gathering too but without bringing along her lantern as it was at ah mah's house. Mommy sense her disppointment of no lantern on hand, thus we drove back to Sunshine Square to buy her a new lantern so that she can join the gang happily.

Back to the poolside with a lantern, we lingered there for around 30 min. The gathering finally dismissed at 10pm, and we walked back to our block. 3 of us were waiting for the lift, door opened and as usual QY rush into the lift quickly . But this time the door closed immediately while mommy and daddy were still stand outside. I were so shocked as QY was alone in the lift. Daddy acted fast by go into another lift to level 4 as we saw the lift QY was in stopped at level 4. I stayed at the same place hoping QY will come down to the groundfloor. My heart beated so hard but my instint was telling me that she will be alright. Few min later, the lift QY was in finally came down and the door opened. Thank god, my little girl was still there holding the lantern. I can tell and read from her face how scared she was for being alone in the lift, mommy quickly went and hug her tightly and console her that everything is alright now. Surprisingly, she didn't burst into tear and still looks calm. Later, she told me :"Mommy, I press G." (G stand for Ground floor).

Though I am proud of her calmness and bravely act, I kept on reminding her that she must hold mommy or daddy's hand while waiting for the lift. I dare not imagine the consequencies if this were happenned on a multilevel shopping mall.

Photo below is QY's second lantern for this year, last min bought by mommy.


Pei Sze said...

Phew! I was shocked reading this post. She is so clever to press "G". But that was really scary. A lesson for me as well.

Mommy said...

Oh, what a nightmare! My tears dropped as I read this blog. Thank goodness that she is alright.