Saturday, September 15, 2007

My little Angel turn 3 today

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Today my little angel officially turn 3. Time really really flies fast. She has grown so much for the past 3 years, from a newborn to a toddler that talks and know so much things nowadays. Looking at her growing pace, only then realised how fast time has passed by.

We organised a small birthday party at Swenson Queensball mall, inviting both side family and some close extended family. (A side note to QY when u are big enough to read this - U are indeed a very lucky girl that loved by so many people around you.)

The only guest at QY's age - Jia Hong. Alicia was absence as she followed her parent to attend a wedding dinner. Mommy choose some Barney party hat and whistle from Toy s rus for the kids.

Mommy placed a special order cake for this little princess on her big day for the year - a barbie-doll cake. QY likes it so much that she started to giggling the first moment she saw her cake. Mommy felt happy too that I've made her dream come true as she has told me she wants a barbie doll cake just few days before her birthday.

She sang happily the birthday song, both English and Mandarin version. She even gave a short speech :"Ladies and gentle, boys and girls, today is my birthday, thanks for coming." Everyone was amused by her speech.

Cake cutting session with Mommy.

The only family photo that we managed to takes for the night, 3 of us plus Jia Hong. Hmm, this looks like my ideal family photo in the future.....

Both of them show cheeky looks in front of camera.

Hugged Jia Hong tightly.

One of her favourite pressie, a pink colour barbie doll school bag from ee ee.


Mummy to QiQi said...

happy birthday to QIAN YI!! her cake so beautiful!

Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Qian Yi! The barbie doll cake definitely looks attractive. Mind sharing where did you get it from?

Lee Lein said...

Hey Hooi Ling, I ordered from a home made bakery. She is also working in Agilent Finance.

Pei Sze said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

That thing doesn't look like a cake, looks like a real doll!

Jia Hong's shirt matched QY's dress perfectly.

fannie said...

Happy Birthday Qian Yi!!! Am sure she enjoyed herself! Look at the smile on her face :)