Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Moment

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Lately I have a colleague who is always very sad - sad of his job to everything relate to him since young till now. Seeing his sad look and sad face, I feel like I am indeed a lucky person and thus I start to recall and count on my daily blessing that I have currently.

Apart from my job and dream, my biggest happinness comes from my little angel who bring bundle of joy and laughter to me and my family since 3 years back. She is our sunshine, little angel, princess and everything. Little things that she do and say will always made a day to us.

Every morning
After dropping her to my mum's place and waving goodbye to her to start my work, she normally insist a goodbye kiss from me. The way we kiss goodbye is very unique - she will stand inside the house while mommy stand outside the house. And this little cutie will point and choose the square from the door and kiss me from there. She will say : "mommy, kiss this one. that one.... higher one.... ok. ... enough... bye...fetch me at 6 clock hoo..". I felt so blessed to have her in my life.

Every night
After daddy park the car at the car park at our apartment, 3 of us will walk back to our block which is about 5 min walking distance. During this 5 min walk, we will stroll and big hand holding small hand under the moonlight and streetlight. Sometimes we sing together, sometimes we chat. Or mommy will ask her daily questions like :"Qian Yi, today who bath for you? Do u take rice or porriade? Anything happened today?" Then, she will start to tell me the things she did during the day time while mommy was away for work. I really enjoy such a precious moment with my family.


Mummy to QiQi said...

Dr Qian Yi, *weet weet*, u so sexy hah??

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