Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Tag ~ SAHM or FTWM?

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This is the 2nd tag from Tiffany whether I want to be a SAHM (Stay at Home Mother) or FTWM (Full-Time Working Mother).

As for me, I never think or dream of being a SAHM for now or even the next few years, reason is as simple as below :-

1) In this modern and ever changing environment, I think it’s essential to have a job in our chosen career in life. Anything can happen anytime anywhere to anyone... Anyway, I would think that a woman can be a good mother or even better mother even though she is working.

At the workplace, company has corporate goal and we employee has our own personal goal, written in the so called Annual Performance Plan. One thing in common is both the corporate goal and the personal goal should move to the same direction. Here, same thing in the family life, we can keep both family goal (such as better lifestyle, bigger house, luxury motor vehicle, good and expensive school for our children and etc) and our own goal together (work to have an income for living, job satisfaction/recognition, career goal and a lot more). Just to ensure both of the goals are not conflicting with each other and they are moving towards the same direction.

Ok, so for me, it’s more like to choose whether I want/wish to become a Fixed hour full time working mum or Flexi hour working mum…I am currently a Fixed hour working mum from Mon till Friday, 9am to 6pm, and I hope or targetted to become a Flexi hour working mum by another few years time down the road or whenever the time is right. Being a Flexi hour working mum, not only I can still work and earn and thus financially independent, I can also spend more time with my family / child. Always be there for them as and when they need me. Sound wonderful and perfect?

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Mummy to QiQi said...

it is always to have both side of the world, isnt it?