Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A night out with Qian Yi

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Yesterday after worked, mommy and Qian Yi spend some ‘mommy & daughter' time together at Queensbay Mall while daddy has away for some function at night.

Nowadays, I love and enjoy to go shopping with QY rather than shopping with hubby… . She is big enough and able to give comment on the things that I choose and wanted to buy. For instance, she will select and take the skirt that is hang on the rack and say to me :” Mommy, u like this one or not?” , "Mommy, this one nice or not?"

Most of the time, u can hear her saying thing like ~ “Mommy, I like this shoe”, “Wauu, so expensive huh!” , “Mommy, don’t tough the thing, auntie will scold u..” , “Mommy, buy ice cream for Qian Yi, Qian Yi want to eat..”, “Mommy, u cannot eat ice cream, later u will cough..” Hahaha, I really enjoy her companionship very much. One of my best friend once said she hope to have a daughter so that one day, both the mommy and daughter can shop all day long at the shopping mall… I guess I have realized and fulfill her dream and also, most of mommy’s dream.

I know I won't have much spare time for her from mid-Aug onwards, thus I appreciate very much every hour, minutes and second that I could spend with this little cutie from now on till then. Have a list plan of activity for her such as visiting the book shop more often than before, playground, some colouring activity and etc....

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