Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tag ~ How did he/she piss you off?

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This is actually a long overdue tag, tagged by a friend of mine ~ Pei Sze . But I don’t think it’s ethical way to write on the topic behind his back. Heehee… and I think this should not be the right channel or place for me to elaborate further on topic like this which only involve 2 of us in life. Of course, there are time he piss me off or I piss him off and we normally talk this out face to face and both of us know that deep in the heart but still, I just can’t convinced myself to put these into word and posted here. Sorry ya, Pei Sze, I decided to drop this tag.

Anyway, I would like to share and talk about the way we get along with each other since the day we knew each other 12 years ago. Hmm… talking about marriage life, I know some people really sacrified a lot for the sake of maintaining a good happy marriage life. I do agree that when 2 person married, they are completing each other and has thus become 1. But at the same time, we also cannot deny the fact that we are still the 2 unique human that have 2 brain, 2 body and etc physically. That is why there are ups and down along the long journey of love life.

For our case, combining into 1 simply means we put ‘Family’ as our top concern/priority when comes to making any big and new decision which may impacted 3 of us. Other than these, we support or rather, do not stop/interfere the other party from enjoying the way we like to live / pursuing our goal in life / hobby or interest and etc. We never thought of try to change the lifestyle that we used to have (before married) and enjoy.

In short, key words for us in getting along well with each other as husband and wife are communicating, listening, respect and understand each other. Don’t ever try to control or take charge on the other party life. There are couple towards ”King-controlled family” or “Queen-controlled family”.. Some people may like this idea but sorry, it is definitely not ME.

Choose the one you love and also, love the one you choose.

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