Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Her vocab ability

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QY can speak both English and Mandarin. Daddy doesn’t know Mandarin, so he feel the importance of chinese and always like QY to learn and talk in Mandarin at young age. He also support the idea of sending her into chinese school when she is 7 years old. As for me, I do feel both language is equally important and it’s never too young to start any language as they tend to absorp and learn fast when they start talking. If possible, I would like her to learn up the Hakka dialect from paternal gong gong and teow Chiew from maternal gong gong. Both hubby and myself can't speak our own dialect, so we imagine how wonderful it will be if QY can learn up this 2 dialert from gong gong..

Back to the topic, QY is a cheecky and talkative kids and sometimes I get so shock and surprise by her level of understanding of certain 'çritical' word, eg :-

Scenario 1
Since few weeks ago, she will tell me : “Mommy I am sad” whenever she get scolded by me or anyone. She even has her sad corner at ah mah’s house. Whenever she get scolded, she will run and sit in front of the fridge, cross both her little hands and head face the floor… When I approached her asking what had happenned, she will show me her saddest face expression and answer me : 'I am sad…'. I don't know how to react but laugh...

Scenario 2
Yesterday QY followed Daddy for a short trip to Taiping. At night, Daddy was telling me that QY has lost her appetite on milk consumption (which is very rare as she is a milk lover) .

Mommy : 'QY, tell mommy why you never drink milk?'
QY : 'Ït’s not my fault.'
Mommy : 'Then, whose fault?'
QY : 'Daddy….'

Mommy and daddy laughhhhh....

Scenario 3
One morning few weeks back, she has bad mood after wake up from her sound sleep. Upon entering my mum’s house, she get angry and frustrated as cannot open the door.

QY : 'I will kill you then only u know.'

I really shocked to hear this sentence, and has thereafter forbidden her daddy to say this word again….

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Mummy to QiQi said...

my gal also now says, "beat u to death ah..." ...hahaha