Monday, June 11, 2007

Fun-Filled Weekend

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QY is having a rather routine life from Monday to Friday. Every morning, I will drop her at my mum’s place around 8 sth before I left for work, then mum will help to ‘transfer’ her to my parent-in-law place before noon… It’s like the flight schedule start from Penang airport terminal (my own place), then transit at KLIA (my mum’s place), then finally reached in Singapore airport (parent-in-law place). During her final stop at Singapore terminal, all she do is to have lunch around 12 noon, play for a while and start her afternoon nap from 1pm till 5pm.....

So, this mummy seldom post anything during weekday for the day in and day out routine. All the posting or I should say QY’s life only starts on weekend.....

For last week, her weekend started a bit earlier than usual when mummy decided to shop with her at Queensbay mall on Friday night. I hold her little hand and we shopped from Jaya Jusco kids zone, the piano shop (she get excited after piano after she watched the Singapore series ~ Shinning Star.), shops after shops and finally we ended at Haagen Daaz for our favourite, ice cream. While waiting for our Pleasure Platter, bumped into a friend and she said :”It’s so sweet to have dating with daughter on Friday night”…Yes, I absolutely agree with her.


On Saturday morning, after attending the weekly phonics class, we headed to the new Tesco at Sungai Dua. Ee Ee set up a temporary sand art counter there, so we let QY tried on it while mummy was helping out. She has fun for putting the colour sand over the paper but I don’t think she appreciate this, as Daddy kept on saying he never seen such a lousy and ugly sand art colour combination (which was done by QY).

Done by QY

Compare to the one done by mommy

At night, we had a simple dinner at a coffee shop nearby. QY misbehaved terribly during the dinner when her cousin brother JH, Kong Kong and Ah Mah (she thought she is a King or Queen whenever Ah mah is there) were all around.

As such below is the consequences she got from Daddy as soon as we reached home ~ Stand On the Chair for being naught and her miserable act. This time, Daddy gave her a special task ~ stand and read on the chair compare to the old style ~ Stand on the Chair and Face the wall. Daddy is always the bad guy when comes to discipline her.


On the lazy Sunday afternoon, I brought QY along to join my best friends gathering at Chilis restaurant. Sometimes I felt funny that she can recognize their name very well like阿丁, Hui Hui, 美 Feng, Seow雯….. For others, it may sound rude to call elder name without aunt or ee ee, but it’s cute when she called my friend’s name, as if she is calling her own friend’s name.

While we were buzy chit chating, she came down from the chair and approached a friend of her age… However, the girl was too shy and reluctant to play with her… Despite of this, she has enough fun by playing the balloon the waitress gave to her. By next January, she will have a little companion during this kind of chi mooi gathering…Hopefully the 2nd generation friendship will grow larger in time to come so that all the mommies will enjoying their chit chat session while the kids play together.

Back to our apartment around 6pm, I was very tired but QY insisted to go for a swim. She even wants to help me to change and wear the swimming costume on me while I was lying on the bed…

So happy to see she enjoys herself in the water with the goose.

At night, we celebrate my mum’s Chinese calendar birthday at Hai Boey Seafood. It’s not our family tradition to celebrate birthday, but we are trying to have fine dinning or good food celebration with all family member starting this year only.

Highlight of the night was ……. not the food, not the blowing candle session nor cutting cake session, it was the little girl who fall down and injured her little knee when we are about to leave after the dinner..... Of course, she cried out loud and in the car, she told us : “I want to see doctor, cannot walk already…. U see blood come out already” Haa....


Pei Sze said...

Look at the cut, poor girl. Nvm, won't leave any scar one, Qian Yi.

Mummy to QiQi said...

*ouch*...pain pain...! hope it is ok by now :O