Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Long Weekend

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Over the long holiday, we exposed QY to some new experiences. For the very 1st time in her life, she watched her 1st movie in the cinema – Spider Man 3. She was very excited to see the huge TV screen and of course, the spider man who fly here and there in the movie. I guess QY has inherited her daddy’s ‘movie womb’, she can sit still for hours and watch any movie shown in the TV at home. Her favourite show variety is from cartoon, comedy, English show, Hokkien show and etc…

Next morning, we watched Shrek 3. Daddy has introduced the Shrek 2 DVD to Qian Yi few months ago, so we think this is the best time to watch the part 3 in the cinema. Daddy get QY the Ogres baby over the Mcdonald counter after the show and she love the baby very much.

Visit to Butterfly Farm
I always feel bad for not bringing QY for outdoor activities. And we give ourself excuses like there is nothing special to visit out there, weather is damn hot, but the real reason is we are too lazy to go out under the scorching sun.

I propose to bring QY to Butterfly Farm since last year, and finally we made it on Monday, the replacement holiday. This is my 2nd visit to Butterfly Farm and my 1st visit was 20 years ago....

QY try to let the butterfly to stand on her palm.

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Pei Sze said...

Mummy must be crazy, 2 movies in one stretch.

Mummy wanted to watch but use Qian Yi as an excuse?