Monday, June 18, 2007

This weekend

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Daddy help to babysit QY in the Saturday morning while I was away for something else…. He claimed it’s an easy task to babysit her as all he did is to turn on the TV and DVD and both the father and daughter sit down and enjoy the show for hours… Both of them share few common interest, top on the list is watching TV show.

At night, we attended hubby’s Indian colleague engagement dinner in a school mall at Bukit Mertajam. It was an eye opener for us as we never witness or attend Indian friend’s engagement or wedding ceremony. They have a grand decoration on the stage, host and witness by a ‘Sami’ (monk), some blessing tradition from both side of parent and close relatives and photographing session. All the guests were served with the Indian banana leaf rice buffet.

It was rained heavily on our way back to Penang. Back home, I played with QY for a while before we call it a day for Saturday. Games that we usually play are rather childish ~ I tickle her and she tickle me back and both of us laugh heartedly; Doctor and patient game (she act as doctor and I’ll be the patient and vice versa) ; we do cat walk from living hall to bedroom; Story telling time; Coloring time and a lot more. Just love to hear her laughter, see her cheeky face and also ‘tua mah’ act. These are all the precious and sweet moment we spend together while at home. Daddy is never a good play mate to her, he plays another serious role ~ bad guy in nurturing our child.

Just before we proceed to the bedroom, out of the blue she said : ‘Mommy, wait… I take photo for the light first…” Below is the photo shoot by her on the light hang on our living hall ceiling… She start to show her early talent in photographing?

On Sunday, I was away for whole day training so Daddy and in-laws help to take care of her. As today is Father’s day, my brother proposed to have a steamboat dinner at home for Father’s day celebration. My dad is a rather conservative man, if to used an object to describe my feeling towards him, I will certainly draw a big tree. Yes, deep inside my heart since young, he is our大 樹 (big tree). We always feel secure, safe and protected under his arm.

Look forward for next weekend as we have planned a 3D/2N trip to KL and Genting Highland… Hooray…


Mummy to QiQi said...

hey, Lee Lien, wat a coincidence! if we have known earlier, then we can plan to meet up in Genting!

Rodrigo said...

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beckkaboo said...

your blog is kool and your daughter is cute