Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our weekend at KL & Genting Highland

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Our holiday ended so fast. But 3 of us really love and enjoy being together for 3 days and 2 nights.

We were slightly behind our own itinerary, supposing to start our journey at 6am as we planned to have the yummy dim sum at Fu San, the popular dim sum shop in Ipoh. But we didn’t make it. Sigh .... Reached KL around noon, we took a short rest and shower at my best friend’s house before we proceed to The Curve to have lunch at O'Brien sandwish shop. Both Celest and QY warm up very fast and started to play together even though it was almost 4 months they didn't see each other.

In the evening, we drove down to Starhill to have our long-waited Japanese buffet at Jogoya as planned. There is a vast variery of food, ranging from Sashimi, seafood, sushi, fish, desset and etc. We ate till surrender but 3 of us really enjoyed the food so much. AlThough no time limit is imposed for the meal time, there is limitation on our human stomach.

QY pose herself in front of some food counter. After few shoot, she asked me to give her the camera and instruct me to stand here and there and she start to take photo for me. She even squat down, sit on the floor while holding the camera, try to capture her mummy most beautiful pose makes a lot of people who dine there amused and laughed.

We proceed to Bangsar complex for dim sum. This is one of the best dim sum I have ever had in my life. No regret for not able to eat at the Fu San on Sat morning as my friend said the dim sum here is more tasty than the Ipoh dim sum. All of us including the 3 kids enjoying the egg tatt, porriage, and etc. I also shopped for some clothing for QY at Mothercare, managed to get 2 tops and 2 skirts.

We then heading toward Genting Highland around 3.30pm and reach there around 4 sth. This has been QY 3rd trip to Genting Highland since last Oct’06. Nonetheless, she was as excited as if it was her 1st trip. Upon reaching the hotel lobby, she keeps on saying :"I want to go to Genting Highland". Only realised later that in her little mind, Genting highland is here ~ the little vehicle in the Paris-Genting Tower.

Daddy bought her the whole day ticket, and she spend hours on this particular vehicle drive, as well as the bumper car. Unlike last trip (she almost cry after the bumper car ride), she is brave enough to drive the bumper car alone and she even managed to make friend with one of the boy who is of her age. The boy help to untighten the belt after the ride and want to hold her hand on their way out

Daddy bought her again another full day pass to let her enjoy her last ride. We left Genting Highland around 2.30pm after we had our Bak kut teh lunch.

Genting Highland, see u again end of these year!!!

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Mummy to QiQi said... cute can see Qian Yi's bulging tummy in one of the photo. Qiqi were so afraid of the Paris Genting tower ride..