Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Meaning of Qian Yi's name

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I was tagged by Ping Li on naming our child. I actually wanted to write one about the meaning of my daughter when I read on other people’s blog on naming their baby even though no one tag me. But just keep on delay and delay till today…

Let my memory flew back to year 2004. When we first found out we were having a girl in May’04, the honor of naming our beloved child (Chinese name) fallen on me as hubby doesn’t know Chinese. When I was young, I always question my mum why given me such a common name, so I’ve determined not to give my child a common name in which there will be 2 or 3 person having the same name in one class. Just not hoping the history were to repeat on her.

I know how important and meaningful of a 'name' to a person as the name will follow her for life time and thus, I took this 'task' up seriously. Done all the searching from school magazine, newspaper and dictionary to try to look for a nice and suitable name but still, don't have any particular favourite name in my mind.

Two weeks after delivered her in mid-Sep'04, my mum help to go and consult the Fate Analysis master by letting them know the exact time, day and year of her birth. The name master suggested few name like 陳 乙 萱 ( don’t quite like 萱, my mum's middle is xuan too), 陳 妍 彤 (don’t know why, don’t like this name), 陳 姵 伊 (don’t like 姵, a bit old-fashioned), 陳 芊 如 (sound ok, but….). At last I decided to rearrange those name and come out with a new combination ~ 芊伊. I loved this name very much and this is the first gift that I selected for our daughter. Overall, this name suit her in every aspect. It represents smart, hard work bring success, good luck, successful and good future.

Next is to think for a Christian name. At first, I suggested Gloria as I like this name since I was young. But it will be Gloria Chin if to combine with her surname, sound like Gloria Jeans, the name of the coffee café. Sound funny and also, quite hard for the older to twist their tounge to call out Gloria. Other name that have been suggested are Isabel, Tiffany, Shermaine and so on so forth. Several discussion were going on and finally, we decided not to add any Christian name in her birth cert. Let her choose the name she likes when she is old enough to select for herself.

The entire baby naming process closed when we submited her name ~Chin Qian Yi to IC (Identity card) department end of Sep’04.


Mummy to QiQi said...

Lee Lien, not only we got married in at the same time, we conceive about the same time too. Me, a month later and QiQi is only a month younger than Qian Yi! QiQi's name at

jean said...

hi, my 1st time here. I realised that Qianyi is born on Sep04. Same as my girl, Enhui. Nice blog!

Lee Lein said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. Ya, I think they are only 1 week difference.

jean said...

Hi Lee Lein, wow that's very close :)